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Yu Gong New 50L Plant Hybrid Engine Crop Spraying Drone Machine Agriculture Sprayer Equipment Dron 20kg Agricultural for Farming


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Yu Gong New 50L Plant Hybrid Engine Crop Spraying Drone Machine Agriculture Sprayer Equipment Dron 20kg Agricultural for Farming

Farm Drone Sprayer Agriculture Agricultural Sprayer

Drone Sprayer application: Drones are already widely used for crop protection, mosquito control, wall cleaning and public disinfection. Agriculture Sprayer Drone: Plantation: rice, corn, sugar cane, soybean, flowers, coffee, vegetables, fruit trees. Chemical uses: liquid pesticides, herbicides, foliar fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, etc. Disinfection Drone: disinfection equipment sprayer drone.
Technical parameter
Pesticide load
10 liters
16 liters
20 liters
30 liters
Self weight
10.5 kg
18 kg
18.5 kg
27.5 kg
Take-off weight
22 kg
40 kg
44 kg
67 kg
Fly time
10~15 min
10~15 min
10~15 min
10~15 min
Spraying efficiency
5-6 Hectares/hour
8-10 Hectares/hour
9-11 Hectares/hour
12~15 Hectares/hour
Spray width
4-6 m
6-7 m
7-8 m
8-10 m
Spray speed
0~8 m/S
0~8 m/S
0~10 m/S
0~10 m/S
2 centrifugal nozzles
8 high pressure nozzles
4 centrifugal nozzles
12 high pressure nozzles
2 pcs 6S 17000 mAh
1 pc 14S 20000 mAh
2 pcs 6S 23000 mAh
1 pc 14S 28000 mAh
Flying radius
1000 m
1000 m
1000 m
1000 m
Spray flow
1~1.5 L/min
2~2.5 L/min
2.5~ 3 L/min
3.5~ 4 L/min
Flying height
0~30 m
0~30 m
0~30 m
0~30 m
Work temperature
–10~70 ℃
–10~70 ℃
–10~70 ℃
–10~70 ℃
Work humidity conditions
Wind resistance
10 m/s
10 m/s
10 m/s
10 m/s
Spread size (m)
W1.3 * L1.3 * H0.45
W1.5 *L1.5 * H0.7
1.95 *1.95 * 0.57 m
2.1*1.85 * 0.8 m
Folded size (m)
W0.6 * L0.6 * H0.51
W0.85 * L0.85 *H0.7
0.7 * 0.7 *0.8 m
1.2 * 0.9 *0.8 m
Aluminum box size / weight
73*67*65 cm / 50 kgs
98*92*75 cm / 70kgs
75*85*95 cm / 80 kgs
154*105*94cm / 80 kgs
Product Description
Drone Applications

Sprayer Drone adopts low volume technology, the pesticide droplet diameter is only 50~200um, has better atomization and penetration effect, save 90% water and 20% pesticides use.

High Efficiency: One drone can cover 50~70 hectares field per day.

Compared with plane, tractor and hand-held sprayers, drone sprayer is more efficient, reduce water & pesticides use, has less drift, keeps people away from heat-stroke and chemical poisoning.

Professional agriculture drone sprayer

The plant protection UAV is an unmanned aircraft used for agricultural and forestry plant protection operations. This type of unmanned aircraft consists of three parts: a flying platform, a navigation flight control, and a spraying mechanism. The spraying operation can be realized through ground remote control or navigation flight control. Spraying agents, seeds, powders, etc.

The spraying range of the ultra-low aerial plant protection operation of the UAV system can reach 4-8 meters, the flight speed is about 0-12 meters per second, and the average operation time per mu of land is less than 1 minute. The workload is 40-90 times that of traditional manual spraying. A set of agricultural drone system can replace 40-90 laborers. The plant protection drone system sprays 1-3 meters above the crops, avoiding drug/substance drift, increasing the drug receiving area and reducing the use of pesticides/chemicals by 50%. The downward airflow generated by the drone rotor It further increases the penetration of the mist flow to the crops. When the crops are stirred by the air flow, the top and bottom of the leaves receive the medicine evenly, which greatly improves the spraying effect.
Packing & Delivery
Company Profile
Henan Yugong Machinery Co., Ltd. located in China”s national central city–Zhengzhou, with abundant resources and convenient transportation. Our company is a integrated large-scale manufacturing enterprise.

Our company experienced 15 years of high-speed development, gathering large number of talents and winning sound reputation and credibility. Our product quality, rapid and healthy development ensured by convenient transportation network, advanced management concepts, and comprehensive management system.

Henan Yugong Machinery Co., Ltd.: Take the reforming as the motive force, science and technology oriented, culture as the soul, continuously strengthen and improve enterprise management toward scientization, informatization, modernization. We sincerely expect to cooperate with various circles, achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.


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