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New L600 PRO 4K HD Dual Camera Drone Visual Obstacle Avoidance Brushless Motor GPS 5G WIFI RC Dron Professional FPV Quadcopter


Introducing the L600 Pro – the drone of your dreams! With its 4-channel communication system and advanced 4-axis gyroscope, this drone is the perfect tool for capturing stunning aerial footage. Equipped with a brushless motor, the L600 Pro offers excellent stability and control, guaranteeing you the smoothest flying experience possible.

Featuring a 90-degree adjustable camera angle and a 120-degree wide-angle lens, the L600 Pro lets you capture breathtaking panoramas and detailed shots like never before. The drone’s FPV transmission system allows real-time transmission of clear images and videos within a range of up to 600 -800 meters without any interference or obstruction.

Weighing just 899 grams, the L900 Pro is lightweight, compact and easy to maneuver, making it the ideal drone for novice and professional pilots alike. With up to 28 minutes of flight time and the included rechargeable battery, you can capture all your aerial footage without worrying about running out of power.

The L600 Pro is also equipped with a high-resolution camera with a photo resolution of 3840*2160P and a video resolution of 1920*1080P, and a bottom camera with a photo resolution of 1280*720P and a video resolution of 1280*720P. You can control the camera with the remote or the included app, giving you more flexibility and creative freedom.

What are you waiting for? Take your photography and videography skills to new heights with the L600 Pro TAOZHISI Official Store today. With a 1000-meter transmission range, 4-hour charging time and foldable design, this drone is the perfect tool for capturing stunning aerial footage from any angle. Order today and experience the ultimate in drone performance!


1. One-key GPS return to the take-off point, low battery return, no signal return

2. ①GPS smart follow; ②Image follow: identify the subject and automatically follow the flight

3. Gesture shooting recognition: within 1-3m from the aircraft, make a camera gesture/camera gesture facing the camera

4. Route multi-point planning flight: The aircraft flies autonomously according to the pre-set route, and the player focuses on shooting

5. Fixed-point circling: Find the center point of circling, and then move the desired circling radius through the joystick

6. Aircraft retrieval function: Click the GPS signal icon 3 times continuously to open the map interface, and the map will display the final distance, latitude and longitude position of the aircraft

7. Pictures, music and video sharing can be added: single or multiple selections can be selected to share photos, and videos can only be shared individually each time

8. 4K adjustable camera (laser obstacle avoidance)

9. 7.4V plug-in smart lithium battery


4k 1Battery Foam box, 4k 1Battery Bag, 4k 2Battery Bag, 4k 3Battery Bag, 4K Avoidance 1B Bag, 4K Avoidance 2B Bag, 4K Avoidance 3B Bag

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